10+ Best Antivirus Apps For iPhone & iPad

It is hard to imagine a life without a phone in this modern world. Our lives are entirely dependent entirely on the phone, as it stores our contact information, our photographs, our videos and even sometimes our bank information. A device as important as this requires a program that efficiently protects our information.

The Antivirus software is one of these things that help to ensure that your device and its information its kept in safe hands. There are several programs in the internet that can be gotten for the safety of your device. Most of them can be found on the iTunes store. The importance of our phones has been recognized and acknowledged by Apple, and so we now find the software on the app store that does the job of the antivirus.

Though there are many antivirus apps available on iTunes app store, not all of them work as well as they are supposed to. Finding a proper program can be very difficult and can be time consuming. Most of the time the apps we download don’t prove to be as effective as they are promised. Understanding the problems of the hunt for the best software, we provide you with the best software that you could find online and lessen your search that you have been conducting online.

  1. Lookout Mobile Security:

The first on our list is the Lookout Mobile Security. This app is free to use and there are extra features to be used with the premium version. Buying the premium will result in better functions and better features, allowing your pone to be better protected.

lookout antivirus

A few of these features are-

  1. Backing up of your personal data which also includes contacts, photos and videos.
  2. It tells you where your last location was before the phone died.
  3. It alerts you to any IOS updates that you are yet to receive.
  4. It provides for the ability to call your device or sound an alarm that can help you find it if it is lost (the calls can only be made from the website)
  5. It helps in downloading personal data that was backed up onto a new device.


Having this app in your iPhone and Apple watch will provide for the advantage of the lost phone feature. You could call your device and find exactly where it is. The software also shows your contact information and ways o contact you whole displaying ‘lost’ on your screen. While this feature is on, no one can get into your device.

How much does it cost? The software is absolutely free, but the premium version will have to be brought.

2.McAfee Security

McAfee is not the first anti- virus software to be provided for. This company is known to have produced many anti-virus services for years now. they are well known for it and live by their name of protecting devices for years. Because it is a well-known company, there is an absolute guarantee that this is better than a company with a no name tag. This company as what we all look for, experience.

mcafree security


A few of its features are,

  1. It comes with a pin that can be used to lock photo albums and videos to ensure that they are safe and private.
  2. ‘Secure Snap’ which is a type of album that protects you photos and ensures that they are not shown on your normal photo album.
  3. It backs up your contact so that you can restore them if your device is lost or broken.
  4. Wipes your contacts whenever you need it to be whipped.
  5. It locates your lost device.
  6. If your device is lost, it triggers an alarm even if it is on silent, to help in finding it easily.

And when it comes to cost, this app is absolutely free.

3.Mobi Shield

MobiShield is a cheap app which costs about 1.39 dollars. Its is easy to use and has a quite a few interesting features. Owing to the recent update perhaps in 22nd of 2017 perhaps it is being watched over to see if it is effective and better functional.

MobiShield features include:

  1. It helps getting updates on your phone if it has a virus or not
  2. It allows for a backup and recovering contacts when needed
  3. It monitors your battery life and storage easily
  4. It scans any network your phone is connected to and ensures that they do not have a virus
  5. It prevents data charges by telling you when your data limit is up(traffic limit)

4.Norton Mobile Security:

Norton is a familiar app which is known to everyone. It has acquired a name for producing countless amounts of programs that works effectively and has a fairly good quality. Norton has bought its antivirus software to mobile and it is absolutely free. You can download it from Itunes App Store for free.

norton security


Features of the Norton Mobile Security App:


  1. It helps in finding a lost phone using its location settings and its remote features.
  2. It provides for the ability to backup and recover your contacts.
  3. It allows you to move your contacts from device to device thus making switching of phones easier.
  4. The ‘Scream’ feature is an alarm that is used when the device is lost.
  5. It allows for a feature to use the internet to call your missing device.

5.Protection for iPhone by Byte Labs

You can download this app for free, but it provides for features that has to be purchased on a monthly subscription which is for 9.99 dollars. This app is renewable and will continue each month till you disable the function before the month is over. On doing this you do not want any unwanted payments from the app, some may forget and end up buying another month which they do not want, and they don’t require.

protected lab

Some features of the protection for iPhone by Byte Labs are:

  1. The app scans and tells you about any harmful websites and apps.
  2. It blocks malicious apps and internet browsers and websites as well as trackers.
  3. The app  alerts you of any security issue with the device.

6.Trend Micro Mobile Security

The trend Micro Mobile is an advancing, up and coming antivirus program that has hopes to be the major program used for devices. It has a computer program as well and one can subscribe to their services. This app is pretty impressive and can even be paired with Safari to make your web browsing an experience that is safe and easy.

trend micro security

Some of the app’s features are

  1. It has the ability to ensure that your safari internet browser is safe
  2. It alerts you of any scam websites or apps that you may have stumbled upon
  3. It backs up your contacts so you can put them onto a new device
    Manage your data usage as well as monthly costs

7.Avira Mobile Security

This app is just a little different from the usual apps. This app requires you to give out some information, so you can sign-up to use their app. This app is safe quite safe and can be totally worth it. On signing-up, then you can even backup your contacts onto their storage system available only if you sign-up. If you do not mind taking the trouble to make an account, then this could be quite useful. And when it comes to cost, this app is absolutely free but it requires you to sign up to use its app and its features.

avira security

The features of the Avira Mobile Security are:

  1. Provides for an identity checker to keep others out of your phone.
  2. It scans and alerts you of malicious software
  3. If in case your device is lost then you can call it for free from the website.
  4. It checks if there are any IOS updates that you have not downloaded.
  5. It allows for a “Yell” feature that can sound an alarm if your device is lost
  6. Using the Avira services and the experiences of their open and helpful community

8.F Secure SAFE:

Though this app is free to download, there are in-app purchases that you need to get to experience the app to its full potential and its features. Therefore this will cost just a little bit of money. The app is available in an array of languages though, and can even be used for child safety features to keep your device child-friendly.



The features of this app include:

  1. It makes exploring the internet safe by scanning your browser.
  2. It allows you to find and access safe banking sites.
  3. It has kid friendly features that restrict what is looked at on the device


9.VirusDetector Pro:

The VirusDetector Pro is an app that allows for proper virus free software. A simple download and you can use your software freely. It has added features that make it worthy of this list, like phone detectors and mapping.

Virus Scanner Pro

It is available on MacOS on the iTunes store.

Some of the features include;

  1. It records any websites and apps that were deemed safe by the app
  2. It scans Dropbox and Google Docs files to ensure they are virus free
  3. It scans things YOU may send to others to ensure that you are not sending out virus infected files



This app as the name suggests, bars the virus from even entering your device. It provides for added security and it’s features (which if brought), makes it a perfect body guard against the virus.


The features of the Virus Barrier are:

  1. It protects any and all personal data (photos, contacts, videos, etc.)
  2. It scans and saves email attachments whenever it is needed
  3. It scan zipped files or files on things like Dropbox.


Protecting our phones, and devices, are incredibly important depending on how we use them these days; it stores information and helps us in our day-to-day tasks. A lot of what we keep on our phone, we certainly would not want another person getting their hands on, nor do we want it getting destroyed by a virus of any sort. That is why getting an anti-virus app for your iPhone or iPad should be of a major priority.

Hope that this list helped in limiting your search and made things easier for you. There are many more apps available to explore so, if you do not like any of the ones listed here, so you can always keep looking.






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