4 Popular Indian Contemporary Paintings

Indian paintings have always been regarded as a symbol of Indian culture, tradition, values. It has its
existence since time immemorial. With technological advancement and modernization, many new forms
of paintings have emerged, but Indian paintings are still in fashion, and people can connect with their
sentiments. Eikowa –best website to buy paintings online has various forms of contemporary Indian
paintings at reasonable costs. Here we have provided some of the best forms of Indian paintings you can
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Madhubani Paintings

Madhubani paintings are the most traditional form of art belongs to Mithila, Bihar. These kinds of
paintings are generally associated with the Hindu mythologies like tales of Ganesha, Ram, Sita, and
other numerous characters. The paintings have lines, colors as well as figures to demonstrate the tales,
and importantly, there are no gaps in Madhubani paintings. In ancient times, the paintings are mostly
carved on the households when there is a special occasion or marriage in villages. People also refer Vinita Karim Paintings who has lived and worked throughout Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

Tanjore paintings

During the 16th century, the Tanjore paintings emerged from Tamil Nadu. The primary specialty of
Tanjore paintings lie in its surface, organization, and mixture of shades. These paintings are majorly
devoted to Hindu gods, goddesses, and saints. It is also considered Palagai Padam and is carved on
wooden planks. The main protagonist of the paintings is always placed at the center of the Tanjore

Kalighat paintings

Kalighat paintings have been originated from Kali temple in Kalighat. It is made on the cloth or paper
with the help of homemade watercolors. There are two types of kalighat paintings- oriental and
occidental and are usually based on different themes. In the oriental kalighat paintings, there are
designs of Hindu gods, goddesses, and other similar characters. On the other hand, occidental kalighat
paintings showcase the life, crimes, freedom struggle, and related experiences.

Gond paintings

Gond paintings were developed from the Gond tribe who used to draw paintings on the walls of their
houses. The painting depicts the Gond tribe belief that ‘good image brings good luck.’ The tribe is sacred
and therefore made paintings on everything around them like trees, rivers, birds, animals, etc. These

paintings have a captivating look and are made with vibrant and loud colors obtained from plants, soil,

Final words
Indian paintings are still in trend due to the culture and values they depict in Indian society. People
prefer to buy Indian paintings to decorate their home and walls nowadays also.

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