How To Fix Apple Mach–O Linker Error Easily

Nobody likes to see errors and issues in their Mac or PC. But there are times when they are just inevitable. But there is always one or other fix for these errors. Mac is the best OS platform so far but it too encounters some errors and issues. The Apple Mach–O Linker Error becomes annoying at times as it occurs due to very silly mistake we commit while linking the codes in different projects. If you search the internet for Apple Mach–O Linker Error, you may find that the internet is not having proper solution for this error. However, there is no need to worry about it as this error is not going to harm you Mac.

But the good thing is that we can fix them by following some simple steps. Here in this article, we are going to read about a very common error called the Apple Mach–O Linker Error which the Mac users face.

Apple Mach–O Linker Error Causes

The Apple Mach–O Linker Error may come up when you are trying to import code into some project you have already created. Now let us see this through an example to understand it better. Now say, you are trying to import code you found in GitHub, say a class for the Foursquare API. When doing so, you will see a message on screen stating the Apple Mach–O Linker Error. So it is important to check the Add to Targets box while dragging code. But if you forgot to do this, then you will see Apple Mach–O Linker Error.

You must have heard that prevention is better than cure. If you would have checked the box earlier, you would not have seen the Apple Mach–O Linker Error.

But now since you have committed the mistake, let us see how we can fix the error in a few simple steps.

Fixes for Apple Mach–O Linker Error

There are various methods to fix the error without any hassle. Now, let us have a look at each one of them one by one.

Simplest Way

To solve the error, you have to select the file called RecipeAddViewController.m. Also, you need to make sure the Target Membership box is checked. Doing so, you can simply link the file to the code and solve the error.

o linker error

You can have certain files which are not linked and you can also import them into other files in the project. But if you will make an object which is not linked, you will find the error.

So, allocating an object which is not attached to the target project, you will come across the error.

You have to select the file with extension .m and then check the membership section area.


If the above fix did not help you solve your query, then the error is maybe happening due to –

  • You have made a code and forgot to link the coredate.framework with your project.
  • You have added a library which is not there in the updated SDK.

To solve the above issues, you need to follow the steps mentioned below –

  • First of all, select your project.
  • Choose build settings.
  • Open other linker flags and press release.
  • Change ‘-force_load’ from ${TARGET_BUILD_DIR}/libCordova.a‘ to ${BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR}/libCordova.a and try to re-compile your project.

A Quick tip for you

If there is some sort of dilemma, you can go for a quick scan of the error and find something that is unusual. If you found it, then have a look at it and try to find out the cause for the same. It might be a simple linking problem, or maybe some other internal issues. You probably know what to do to fix the issue you just know found out.


The error is a frequent error which is faced by the users of Mac across the globe. As we have read just now, the error can occur due to several reasons. We have also seen how we can fix the Apple Mach–O Linker Error using a few simple steps.

Even if you are not an technology expert, you can fix the error using the steps mentioned above.

Even after lots and lots of attempts, you are not able to fix the error; you can call the Apple support team to get your problem fixed. They will try to tackle the error using their professional expertise.

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