8 Best Browsers for MAC of 2019

Are looking for a web browser for Mac, but are confused on which one to go for? Well then, you have landed at the right place as this article has a list of 8 best web browsers for Mac.

Best Browsers For MAC

So, without any further ado, let us have a look at each of these browsers one by one.


The safari web browser is not a new thing for the apple users. Safari is based on WebKit engine and is a web browser provided by apple itself. If you are an Apple user, then you might know that safari is the default browser offered by apple just like windows has internet explorer. Safari came into existence in the year 2004 and is performing its duty quite well.

One of the remarkable features of Safari is that it includes the Nitro JavaScript which makes safari 10X faster as compared to internet explorer and also 4X faster as compared to Firefox browser. The speculative loading of Safari allows it to load docs and other files in a couple of seconds.

Google Chrome

We all know that Chrome is a product of Google, and it is amongst the most used web browsers. The google chrome makes use of Blink engine which is coded in C++ language and is completely free and open source software.

The interface of google chrome makes it suitable for the users to use it as per their needs. Apart from that, it also has instant search capabilities and other add-on features.


The Torch web browser is basically designed to be used in Mac and is somehow different from the ones present out there. It is developed and released by the Torch media and is primarily built on the Chromium open source code.

As far as the functionality of Torch web browser is concerned, it is quite wide. Torch lets you share websites and other such stuff via social platform and many more. Torch includes an inbuilt torrent client that lets you download any torrent file easily on Mac.


We all are aware of the Opera web browser. Opera is developed by Opera software and is amongst the best browsers to be used on Mac. In case you don’t know, Opera is available in forty two languages and is compatible with Windows, Mac OS as well as Linux.

There are more than 350 million Opera users who are satisfied with its functionalities. Opera is known for making the block and pop easy to process. Apart from that, it is extremely fast and has a convenient user interface.

Mozilla Firefox

The Firefox web browser was founded by Mozilla foundation in the year 2002. You must have used Firebox earlier and might be aware that it is a free and open source web browser. Firefox is amongst the most suitable web browsers for Mac due to its functionality.

Its spell check feature, live bookmarking and download manager feature makes it stand out from the rest. To your surprise, Firefox supports 79 languages which make it usable across the globe. Apart from that, its pop-ups and grid feature allows it to add any kind of bookmarks without any hassle.


The Vivaldi web browser is new in the market and many of you might not be aware of it. It was released in the year 2016 with certain goals to follow and accomplish. It won’t be unfair to say it is somewhat similar to Google chrome as it has the same rendering process as Chrome has.

The Vivaldi web browser has certain remarkable features which make it reliable and easy to use.


Though internet explorer and Netscape were mainstream browsers but there days are gone now. The SeaMonkey web browser is basically an updated version of Netscape.

As far as the functionality is concerned, it has an easy scrolling functioning. The only problem with this web browser is that the gestures don’t work as they should.

Omni Web

And the last web browser on this list is the Omni Web which is completely free of cost. You can download Omni Web just like any other browser. As far as the designing is concerned, it obeys the Cocoa user interface as that of Apple. Apart from that, it lets the users create own setting for the individual web platforms if they wish to.


These are some of the best web browsers which can be used in Mac. All of them are different from one another and cannot be compared easily. You may try each one of them to see which one is most suitable for you and meets your requirement.

All of these web browsers can be downloaded from the Apple store with any charges to be paid.

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