10 Best Free Email Client Apps for Mac [2019]

We all know that sending mails is a professional method to text someone regarding anything. They are in trend since the 70s and are still the most preferred method for business communication. So, if you are looking for some mailing app to use for sending and receiving mails, then you are at the right place.

Here in this article, we have compiled a list of top 10 mail clients for the Mac users to choose from. You can go for any one of them whichever suits your needs. Also check out TellHappyStar Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Best Email Apps For Mac 2019

1. Spark

Spark is amongst the most lovable mail clients used by the Mac users. Spark has a feature to auto organise your mail inbox and allows you to postpone your mails easily. Just send your emails in one simple click. Spark also provides you a ‘Smart inbox’ that bubbles the important messages at the top. You can also categorise your mails into personal notifications and others.

You can also schedule your mails and decide when you want a particular mail to be sent. Such amazing features make Spark a strong contender in this category.


2. Mailspring

Mailspring is a completely professional app for mailing purpose. It has features such as mail merge, reminders and you can even schedule your mails. If you want, you can purchase the pro pack as well.

If you are using the free version, you will have a clean and expandable email system with quick reply templates. You can even undo the sent mails if you feel like doing. But the only limitation in the free pack is that it is bound to only ten accounts.

3. Polymail

Polymail is one of the most trusted mailing applications amongst the users and stands as one of the best email app for mac. You can postpone your mails to read later. Polymail allows you to track whether the sent mails were read or not. All these features are provided in the trial version.

If you purchase the pro pack, you will get templates and many other features.

4. Canary Mail

Almost every Mac user must have used the Canary mail to send and receive emails. It offers you one click encryption that assures you that no one can read you mails except for you and your receiver.

It has a unique way to deal with your spam, so that you need not waste time deleting them one after another. It also has the feature to snooze the incoming mails and also you can track the outgoing mails. It also alerts you if anyone is trying to sneak into your account.

5. MacOS Mail

It is amongst the most used emailing apps across the world and is one of the best mail app for Mac. It has the feature to eliminate the spam, and various other amazing features. MacOS mail is completely free of trouble and fully loaded with features.  You can handle all your mails at one place with full ease.

6. Opera

All of you must have heard about Opera and many of you must be using it as well. Opera mail comes with a flexible user interface which can easily meet your mailing needs.

But there are certain drawbacks to this mailing system. Sometimes the message editor lacks a bit and the encrypted mail feature is also not present.

However, it comes with visual bookmarks and other customizable shortcuts for your ease.

7. Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is a completely secure and fully functioning email client. You can easily handle all your mails using Mozilla Thunderbird. It also helps you to filter out all the other junk and spam mails.

It offers you a streamlined interface along with a powerful pack to handle all your email stuff.

8. Mozilla Seamonkey

When it comes to services, you must not underestimate Mozilla. The Mozilla Seamonkey is the email part if its open source web browser. Many Mac users use this mail client to deal with their emails.

It also prevents leakage of your email and you can easily detect spam. You must surely go for this if you do not want to risk your email inbox.

9. Airmail 3

Airmail 3 is a fast performing email client with an intuitive interface for the Mac users. It provides support to almost all the mailing clients such as iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, IMAP etc.

It also allows you to send and receive emails without any interruption.

10. Mailbird

It is a desktop client for your Windows computer. It includes various apps, features, shortcuts and many other software upgrades that are meant to increase your productivity.

You can use it as an email app or a versatile dashboard to boost your productivity as well as organize your life.


So, these are the 10 best mail apps for Mac users. You can go for any one of them as per your needs and comfort.

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