How to Delete Downloads On Mac Easily

Anyone who is using the internet is well aware of the term downloads. Whenever a person joins the internet, the person gets rights to download anything. Downloading is a process where a user saves any file like songs, videos or anything, for the future usages. We all prefer to download the files we like, this lets us use or view the same anytime (even if there is no internet connection in the gadget that time).

Although there are various reasons for which people download the files, this is one of the reasons that compel people to download more and more, whenever they get an internet connection. They download to watch all later, at the time they have no internet connection. Downloading takes place for a real and genuine reason, but in addition to this, deleting and keeping the same depends upon the individual perceptions.

There are a number of people who are accessing the internet and downloads via different gadgets. There are open-options for everyone to download the files whether in phones, laptops or notebooks. Deleting downloads is always a personal reason or there will be some storage space issues too. Any new gadget troubles the user to access the file and to delete downloads. Now, when it comes to the Mac users, they feel so helpless to delete them as it seems difficult to them.

Many users want to know about how to delete downloads on Mac, as they found it tricky. Obviously, it is really not that much easy as you have deleted downloads on Windows of your laptop. The solutions are tricky but once you understand the steps, you can handle the entire with the great ease. Any new Mac user, who is worried and juggling with the same issue as they are not getting the way to delete downloads on Mac, this is to guide them all the way.

There are Basically 2 categories to make the attempt successful for how to delete downloads on Mac. These are – Delete Downloads on Mac Directly and Delete Download with MacClean. Here, we start from the first one and then breakdown the second one into two different ways. This will entirely let you know about the three valuable ways to process the same. Let’s start –

How To Delete Downloads on Mac Directly  

We all know about Mac as this is so friendly device which enables us with the great features and availabilities. This way is serving you in the way that you can perform the deletion of downloads by your own, using your Mac Directly. This is not a difficult way of the solution, you are having the steps below, and what you need to do is just follow the steps consciously –

  1. Firstly, you need to go to Finder, from the dock bar and click there.
  2. Once you have opened the page, you need to see the left list of that manage page and here you need to find the ‘downloads’ option.
  3. Now, you will be able to see all downloads in the right pane there.
  4. Click on that download option.
  5. Now, it is a turn to know about the crucial step of this list, and here you go.
  6. Select your one download (to which you want to delete) or press Command + A key together to select all download at once.
  7. Finally, right-click and choose Move to Trash option there.
  8. You can empty your trash after this.

This is a direct and sure sort way to know about how to delete downloads on Mac. Now, let’s move to another way to fulfill the same.

Delete Download with MacClean

MacClean is a smart way to clean your Mac. This new technique includes two different parts of cleaning, Delete Downloads on Mac with MacClean and Delete Downloads History on Mac with MacClean. The two parts are explained here individually –

  • How to Delete Downloads on Mac with MacClean

Here you need to perform a few steps to delete your Mac downloads. The steps are explained below:

  •    Firstly you need to run the MacClean app in your Mac.
  •    See the left side list and check for the ‘Cleanup Tools’, click on it.

Delete Downloads On Mac

  •    Under ‘Utilities’ section in the left pane, you will see the Large & Old Files option, select that.


  •    Choose ‘Downloads’ and then start the scan.

How To Delete Downloads On Mac


  •    Now, there will be a list of all your downloaded files which is stored under the Downloads folders. You can select one or all and remove them by clicking on the Clean button.


How to Delete Download History on Mac with MacClean

Here the next part of the same, follow the below steps to delete the Download History on Mac:

  • Firstly you need to run the MacClean app in your Mac and select ‘Internet Junk’ option.


  • Now, select the browser with which download history (junk files), you want to clear. Then Click Scan.
  • Once the scan is over, choose the browser to find download history.

How Delete Downloads On Mac Easily

  • Here, you need to select all download history, and then back to the last page.

Delete Downloads On Mac Easily

  • Finally, click on ‘Clean’ to clear downloads history.

These are the three ways that will let you know about how to delete downloads on Mac. Now, you can find out the most suitable for your Mac and start applying the same to avoid the trouble.

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