How To Fix Error Code 36 In Mac Os X Easily

The error code 36 interrupts you when you are copying files on your Mac. This error may appear on your Mac laptop as well as Mac Desktop. You may come across it while copying the files and folders to a different directly or while mailing them.

If this error happens to appear, you won’t be able to complete the copy process and it is very frustrating in times of urgent work.

You will come to know that this error has occurred in your PC when you see the following message while copying –

The finder cannot complete the operation because some data in xyz can’t be read or written. (Error Code 36)

This error code 36 can hamper any file but it mainly affects the .DS_Store files. These .DS_store files are basically the companion files created by the Mac OS X’s HFS and filesystem when they are being moved from FAT16 to FAT32 volumes, called thumb drives. These hidden files store information. The issue comes up when we transfer files from a windows volume to Mac and then back again.

Causes For Mac Error 36

It is always simple to cure the problem when we know the root of the problem. Therefore it is always advisable to know the cause before trying to solve the problem. But here in this case, we will directly move on to the fixes as there is major cause other than some issue in the files directory and their location.

Though there are some complex causes as well, but many people won’t get them as they are some technical terms.

FIX Mac Error Code 36

Here in this article, we have mentioned three common fixes for the error code – 36. You can try any of these fixes and see which one is your cup of tea.


The dot_clean is a common and efficient command line method to solve the Mac error code 36 without any hassle. You can follow the steps mentioned below to solve the Mac error code 36.

  • First of all, you need to go to the Terminal using this path – application < utilities and then terminal.
  • Once the terminal is opened, you need to enter dot_clean and a single space.
  • Now, simply drag the file icon into the window of the terminal, and the path will be automatically generated.
  • Now press the enter button. After that, your hidden files will be merged with host files which will resolve the issue.
  • Now, you can try to copy the file again and see if the error occurs again or not.


There are times when required permissions are not given, or sharing options are disabled or some other problem with the external media causes the error code – 36. To rectify this, you need to follow the following steps –

  • First of all, see the permissions in the finder. After opening finder, open permission and sharing options and set it to ‘everyone’ if it is already not.
  • If that does not fix the problem, you can check if your external media has some problem and see if the connections are stable are not.
  • You can also boot your Mac in safe mode and then try to copy the files. If you are able to copy the files in safe mode, you can restart your pc in normal mode.


If the above fixes did not work for you, you can take help from the third party software. But keep in mind that the third party software have their owner’s properties and can cause any action to your Mac.


You can use a special tool called Detox by Mac which you can use to clear the clutter and hence fix the magic. You can go for this option to save your Mac from errors and have a faster Mac.


The Bitdefender for Mac is amongst the best antivirus programs and protection tools designed for Mac. It has got amazing protecting along with awesome ransomware protection.

If you want, you can also use it to erase the intruders and it will also fix the error code 36.


The error code 36 is not a common error in Mac but many users still come across this error due to several reasons as discussed above.

All of the above mentioned fixes are meant to fix the error without any hassle. If you are still facing the error code 36, you can call the Apple support without any second thoughts. The apple team will help you get rid of the error code 36 which you are facing on your Mac.


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