Hyperlocal Startup, IamHere Helps To Get People Together

Are you looking for a graphics designer nearby? Are you searching for a cricket coach nearby? Or are you looking to engage with an NGO nearby? I am Here, the hyperlocal startup will help you with this. IamHere is a simple, yet amazing application that establishes a social connection among people in the neighborhood. The IamHere app breaks the neighbourhood boundaries and creates a social place where people, businesses and NGOs can connect in no time based on hobby, interest or professional needs.

The app helps in building a social community where like-minded people can interact with each other. People with similar interests and hobbies will show up on your map, and you can interact with them through chats, stories, and events. 

Some interesting highlights of IamHere are:


Intuitive user interface: The app is simple to use. All you have to do is create your avatar, find avatars around you, and connect with them. 

Hyperlocal: The app ensures that your searches are location based. You can find people in your neighborhood and make connections with them instantly. 

Direct calls or chats: Instead of serving as a middleman between you and your interest, the app allows you to chat directly or call businesses and people around you. 

Ensure confidentiality: All your information will remain protected. Your data will not be shared with the others until initiated by you.

Encourage a cause-oriented social behaviour: By enabling collaboration between NGOs and the people who want to donate or volunteer, the app promotes greater contribution to humanity. 

Share your stories: The app allows you to share stories of your hobbies, stories from your neighbourhood or if you are a business, you can market it by sharing promotions or even start and share events with the people living nearby. 

Unlike other apps, this app does not just allow you to connect with people but enables you to connect in your neighborhood. If you are looking to connect in your neighbourhood with people near you, I am Here is an app you should certainly have.


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