Fixed: iPhone Home button Not Working

In this highly digital age, we are always stuck to our phones. If we had to talk about iPhone users specifically, the availability of multiple features in their phones keeps them glued to the screen. However, deep inside, they are always extra cautious about using their phone extensively. If any part of the phone stops working or freezes for a while, the users’ skip a heartbeat! In this article, we’ll be discussing about how you can fix the iPhone Home button not working issue.

This is a nightmare for many, as they will not be able to use the phone normally. If you are one of them, don’t worry. We have you covered!

This article is dedicated to provide you with various possible solutions that would fix the issue once for all!

fix iphone home screen button

Reasons for iPhone Home Button not working

The two main plausible causes for this iBehavior (if we may coin the term) might be either a software or a hardware issue. Let us know what each of the software and hardware issues mean so that we can be informed about the cause of the damage and can take steps accordingly.

Hardware Issue

The general wear and tear might lead to the insensitivity of the home button. The dust and dirt might also be a reason for the same. If your phone is wet with water, that may destroy the sensor in the home button.

Such hardware issues are generally reported by the users of iPhone 5 and below series. Further, if one of the cables used for the phone is damaged, it might be a reason behind the trouble on the phone.

Software Issue

When your phone starts to function slowly, with apps crashing in between, the reason for your home button issue might be the software problem.

This is reported generally in all iPhones below 6. This might be generally caused by a corrupted or overloaded OS.

How to Fix a Broken iPhone Home Button

If you are sure with the reason being the hardware trouble, then you might have to run to a store nearby to get it replaced.

But if you have identified it to be a software issue, then you should be well equipped now to try out some of the solutions, especially if your phone is out of warranty.

Calibrate Your iPhone

This is one of the simplest workarounds possible. However, this seems to be of not much help to many, according to the feedback of the users.

Yet, never let it go. Here is what you have to do to calibrate your phone.

  1. Open the Clock or the Weather app(a native app basically).
  2. Hold on the Sleep button.
  3. When the message on the screen reads “slide to power off“, release the sleep button and press down the Home Button.
  4. Within 15-20 seconds, the app shuts close.

If this worked for you, then the reason for the glitch might have been a software glitch, causing a software component to dysfunction.

If this did not work, check out the next solution.

Re-plug the connector

Due to the heavy app usage every day, you might have used the charger every day on the iPhone. Since the Home Button is right above the connector slot, there might be a chance of the connector pushing the home button alignment out of order. In order to verify if this caused the issue and fix it, plug in the connector and push down gently on the connector. This pressure would fix the alignment of the home button. Press the home button and cross-check if it started working.

Restore the phone

This is the unanimous solution for any software bug on your iPhone. Always ensure that all the data on your phone is cloud synced to iTunes before you proceed to restore.

  1. In order to restore, connect your phone to iTunes.
  2. Select your phone and find the summary tab.
  3. Click on Restore.

This will restore the OS on the phone with the original settings.

Please find more details on this on Apple’s Support Page.

Clean the Home Button

The insensitivity of the surface of the button can be the simple cause of its behavior. The grease or dust around might have caused this numbness.

Use a soft tissue or cloth to clean the surface. In order to ensure thorough cleaning, use isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. Directly put a few drops of the alcohol on the button and use a cotton dab to press it down for a while.

On-Screen Home Button

This is probably the last option left to try if none of the above solutions worked for you. Apple has given an option of on-screen Home button as an added feature, which comes handy in these situations.

In order to enable this:

  1. Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Assistive Touch.

  2. Use the Switch next to the Assistive Touch to turn on this feature.

This will show a circular button on the screen, through which you can control many settings running on your iPhone.

However, this is not a permanent fix to the problem.

An average cost for replacing the Home Button on iPhone

If none of the solutions helped you, you would want to take the last resort to fixing this issue i.e. replacing the Home button. You may want to know the average cost of replacing your button from an authentic Apple Service Center.

If your phone is under warranty, Apple charges you approximately $79.00 to replace the button. However, if the warranty of the device has expired, then you will be charged around $200 for iPhone 6/6Plus Home button.

If this is too expensive for your budget, you can try reaching out to a retail service center. However, keep in mind that these guys are not trained or qualified to fix your iPhone.

Coming to an end, these were some of the basic solutions that have worked out for most of the users in order to help fix the iPhone Home Button not working issue. Hope this article has helped you fix your iPhone!

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